Montevideo Airport

Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Montevideo, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by:
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
QT4093 on X/05/2022
922 on X/04/2022
JJ8017 on X/03/2022
JJ8017 on X/03/2022
LA404 on X/02/2022
AD8740 on X/02/2022
JJ8015 on X/02/2022
JJ8017 on X/02/2022
JJ8015 on X/01/2022
JJ8015 on X/01/2022
CM368 on X/11/2021
ZP844 on X/11/2021
IB6011 on X/11/2021
CM283 on X/11/2021
LA404 on X/11/2021
CM125 on X/11/2021
ZP841 on X/11/2021
AD8740 on X/11/2021
G37630 on X/11/2021
AR1916 on X/11/2021
UC1109 on X/10/2021
LH8264 on X/04/2021
LH8264 on X/03/2021
AA989 on X/02/2021
UX45 on X/02/2021
JJ8044 on X/02/2021
LH8264 on X/02/2021
LH8264 on X/02/2021
UC1105 on X/01/2021
CM283 on X/01/2021
LA404 on X/01/2021
JJ8044 on X/12/2020
JJ8044 on X/12/2020
JJ8046 on X/12/2020
Z7741 on X/12/2020
UC1731 on X/12/2020
LH8264 on X/12/2020
JJ8044 on X/11/2020
IB6011 on X/11/2020
JJ8030 on X/11/2020
ZP841 on X/11/2020
JJ8044 on X/11/2020
JJ8030 on X/11/2020
IB6011 on X/10/2020
JJ8030 on X/10/2020
CM283 on X/10/2020
Z7791 on X/09/2020
CM368 on X/01/2020
LP2420 on X/01/2020
UC1101 on X/01/2020
CM283 on X/01/2020
AV109 on X/01/2020
H2551 on X/01/2020
LA410 on X/01/2020
JJ8046 on X/01/2020
LA409 on X/11/20192mn
G37631 on X/11/201912mn
AU2393 on X/11/20197mn
AD8741 on X/11/201914mn
AU2385 on X/09/201915mn
CM369 on X/09/20192mn
LA405 on X/09/20191h0mn
AA984 on X/08/20191mn
JJ8031 on X/08/20195h16mn
T0904 on X/08/20191h14mn
AU2397 on X/08/20196mn
LA409 on X/08/201915mn
AU2383 on X/08/201914mn
AU2397 on X/08/201914mn
G37631 on X/08/201913mn
AU2393 on X/08/201920mn
AU2383 on X/08/201910mn
LA409 on X/08/20191mn
AD8741 on X/04/20196mn
G37631 on X/04/201919mn
AU2393 on X/04/201917mn
H2554 on X/03/20192h26mn
AA984 on X/03/20199mn
LA409 on X/03/20192mn
AU2383 on X/03/20191h48mn
JJ8045 on X/03/20192mn
G37631 on X/03/20197mn
AD8741 on X/03/201956mn
H2753 on X/02/2019
AV109 on X/01/2019
G3759 on X/01/2019
Weather in Montevideo

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Wind: N at 4km/h
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